The BABEERS are the main characters that give life to our products. Four cute and fluffy animals that come from the arctic. We decided to create these wonderful characters full of color and love to create environmental awareness of the polar animals which are increasingly becoming endangered species due to climate change. Our first BABEERS are "Pimpiri" the Polar Bear, "Skipi" The Arctic Bunny, "Flip" The Ice Seal and "Poty" the Arctic Penguin. 

The Arctic as we know it is suffering serious consequences of global warming, while plays a critical role in keeping the rest of the planet cool. The future generations are endangered to being pushed to the brink, but there is still a chance to reverse this situation, by creating awareness and taking action to reduce our carbon footprint. Our BABEERS represent love towards the planet and families. 

Reach out to us any time via email: hello@babeers.shop. Corina or Solana, the BABEERS Co-Founders, will directly take care of you.

Thanks for your love!


Hey There, we are Corina & Solana, Co-Founders of BABEERS. We are sisters, and decided to create BABEERS to make an impact on the baby textile industry all while helping to create awareness on Global Warming and make something to collaborate!

We decided to enter the baby category to continue the wonderful work of our grand-mother Aida. Aida was a careful and dedicated mother of 9 children and 21 grandchildren. During her productive life, she was dedicated to commercializing baby products such as blankets, onesies, and socks. She was always in contact with communities in need and for many years donated used baby garments to the families that needed it. Aida symbolizes family love and union, and we live by these values and want to spread them through our BABEERS products. 

Our first impression on the baby category is that everything is dull, basic and for many years we tried to find garments and gifts for our friends and family's newborn babies and failed to find something appealing and products that stand for the happiness of welcoming a new baby in the family.

That's why we decided to create colorful yet delicate blankets, milestone toys, and family outfits, to be the perfect compliment for happy families that are receiving a new member in their life. 

The idea of encouraging our customers to give their garments a second life came from our Grand-Mother Aida. And we want to award our clients that after using our BABEERS products, return them to us and we will send them discount coupons to buy products in our store or a refund of up to 20% of the cost of the product.